Chiropractic Support

Dr. Joseph Harbosky D.C. provides a unique and integrated form of chiropractic and wellness care. He evaluates several different factors in his holistic approach to wellbeing:

Physical- Using advanced applied kinesiology techniques he applies spinal and/or sacral occipital alignment to gain movement and energy flowing through the body.

Chemical- Several different tests can be used to check for imbalances and sensitivities in the body such as hair analysis, hormonal testing or blood chemistry tests.

Emotional- He will test specific acupuncture points for emotional imbalances as well as neurotransmitter test, biofeedback or homeopathic remedies.

Environmental- Electro dermal screening is used to assess toxins or sensitivities in the body and assess your ability to adapt to your environment.

Life-Force Energy- A focus on spiritual connection or Chi energy within the body to compliment your healing.

By incorporating this holistic approach to healing he seeks to provide harmony and balance within your body. He has found that this approach is much more successful at healing with longer results.

Nutrition Support

Nutritional Analysis- Dr. Harbosky utilizes a custom developed Electro dermal screening process to do a complete evaluation of your nutritional requirements based on your current state of health. He reviews your readings from the Bio-Resonance Scan as well as detailed questionnaires before doing his own analysis. Recommendations may be made with nutritional supplements and Homeopathic remedies. You will learn about your food sensitivities as he helps you look at your food choices and the effect it has on your body’s efficiency and energy levels.

Bio-Resonance Scan- This computerized system utilizes the Quantum Xrriod Consciousness Interface (QXCI) to scan your body electrodermally, looking for imbalances and sensitivities. It is one of the many tools used to analyze your nutritional needs.


Neurofeedback EEG- This process uses non-invasive sensors connected to specific sites on the head which then enable the brain wave patterns to be displayed on a computer screen. The computer then assists the brain in recognizing normal patterns by producing audio and visual reinforcement when they occur. The brain learns to self-regulate and bring itself back into balance. Neurofeedback helps to improve functions such as concentration, short term memory, motor skills, sleep, energy level and emotional balance.

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